Monday, November 2, 2009

Virtual Office Rental Features

Before we jump on to next article, which would be comparing leading Virtual Office providers, let's look at different product packages that is normally offered and ensure what meets your requirement.

Address Services
This package purely consists of mail forwarding service. You choose any address your facebook for customers and all your customer mails will be packaged and sent further to your personal address. So it's more of the mail redirecting service. If you are probably starting as internet based company, then it just makes sense to use this mail forwarding service to keep your costs low. You can always move to higher-end package with many more features as your business grow.

Telephone Services
You may also want to get a telephone number to receive your business calls, sometimes it makes sense not to reveal your personal number or just keep it 'personal'. So you can hire Telephone services wherein you are given a dedicated telephone no which your customers can call. Your calls will be answered by a team of customer care professionals which supplies basic info to customers and then redirect to your chosen tel no for additional knowledge. You will also get a Voice mail system which you can retrieve at your will or can be pushed to you via email or SMS.

Workplace solutions
With this service, you can take benefit of Conference room facilities, Video conferencing, your own private room on need basis. Plans can range from as simple as 2 days a week access to private office room or for a full week. It's important to consider proximity of the office address to your home, after all flexibility from working at home is something only business can offer and you don't want to ruin it by spending dead time in traffic chaos. However, I always felt a good change to work at some location away from office a few days a week. It's gives a fresh break from home besides you can concentrate much better away from home.

Support solutions
As a business you could always makes some purchases, may be as simple as stationery or computers. This extra services offer discounts on such purchases, on-demand administrative services, personal assistant to help with your work. You might just get away with free.

You can always work out the cost and pricing as per your requirements. Next article, I will describe on leading virtual office space providers that you can depend for professional services under reasonable prices. All of them are good, you can perhaps just check their plans and then see which suits your need.

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