Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leading Virtual Office Provider - USA2ME

Okay, now that you know features to watch out in virtual office solution, the first one I have here is USA2ME.

USA2ME specialise with offering US centric services. If you are looking to establish a USA presence, then you can get a US based address. So they are like specialty.

How it works:
  • You signup for new account and get USA address- Street number and Fax number.
  • You can immediately start using Street and Fax number wherever you like- your business or while shopping online, etc
  • Your faxes or shipping items or any kind of correspondence will be received by USA2ME
  • Shortly you will get email notification of the new items
  • You can use your free online account management system to review, cancel and receive desired items at your given address.
Online Account Management : you will get an access to website to
- Review your received items
- Ship your items to anywhere in the world
- Order a scan of your document for urgent review
- Discard any junk mail or unwanted item (this way you don't have to pay for shipping unwanted items)

In addition, there are various optional valuable services:
- Personal USA Shopping assitance
- USA property management
- USA Phone that rings in your country
- Ebay Selling assistance
- USA Magazine subscriptions (limited time offer: open your account and receive free magazine subscription)
- USA Doctor or Attorney referrals
- several customised services

In next article, we will review two other leading Virtual office solutions provider.

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