Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Securify Your Website with Trust-Guard Seal...Get a FREE Scan!

What the heck a security word doing on a marketing website?

Have you ever thought from a customer's perspective while they buy products or services from your website online shopping cart? Or better how did you feel while buying from some website which doesn't have some kind of security seal to it? Un-Comfortable...isn't it?

Security in their transactions and feeling that their credit card details are not compromised is the major concern and fear in minds of your customers. Often a lack of any security hallmark is enough for customers to abandon the shopping cart, meaning customers never hit the 'Check Out' button.

So here's your marketing gimmick...I am not trying to insult the word but this is an another opportunity for you to build confidence with your customers by securing each transaction on your website. If people feel safe in entering their credit card details on your check out box, then your sales will always increase and you can always brag rightly on how secure is your website in comparison to your competitors.

Multiple services from different security organisation has revealed customers always look forsome kind of security seal on ecommerce websites.

So if your website doesn't currently have any kind of security seal rest assured you are losing business!

Scott Brandley of Trust Guard Seal recently told me his company is launching a FREE PCI Scanning service online that would scan any number of your submitted websites and check against potentially 30,000 different types of vulnerabilities!

It doesn't hurt to check all your websites with this free PCI Scanning...it wouldn't take more than 1 minute. You just need to enter your website address to be scanned and an email id where the report should be sent.

Take me to Free PCI Scanning (normally $47 value, but FREE for now).

You can read Success Stories of all the business owners who have experienced increased business after they placed a Security Seal on their websites!

Think about this as an investment, your increased conversions (i.e. sales) will outdo your cost. Try this ROI calculator to see returns for yourself.

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