Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost My Work in MS Word- Use Auto-Save Feature!

Hi Guys, I just had a major disaster, the latest ebook I was working on my MS Word 2003 just crashed and I lost all my changes :( Fortunately I had a back up copy but I lost all the new additions I had taken 2 hours to add. Bas****. Sorry for my insults, but I am just so furious right now.

I just wanted to let you take some lessons out my accident. Somehow the Auto-Save feature just didn't work, gosh what happened to MS. But anyways, it will take while to recover myself. I noticed the default Auto-Save is set to 10 minutes.I would recommend you to reduce it to something like 3-5 min...depending on how fast you type. You may not want to set it to anything lower, lest Word will keep the disks busy every now and then and on systems with low resources, it may just make a very slow experience for the other applications.

To modify the Auto-Save feature, go to Tools -> Options -> "Save" tab. Here you can change the period when Word will attempt to auto save your word docs. You can do save with Excel and PowerPoint as well.

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