Monday, October 12, 2009

Use Your Login, Logout, Confirmation, Thank You page

You wouldn't realize your website has many more places than the usual banner in the top and side-space, where you can promote your products.

These are
- Login page: normally most websites I have seen, has a single page dedicated to a login box which comprise of userid and password and occasional 'Forgot password' link. You can utilise the free space to put an ad for your products. May be it's best to give more info on 'site membership' and entice user to login or create a free account to know more.

- Logout: again with this, usually a logout always redirect user to the home page, or worse no page at all. You could potentially display your product info in an intermediate page while user is transitioning to some other page.

- Confirmation page: this can be displayed on various occassions. May be user has signed up for your newsletter, or something else. Again good way to reach your customers.

- Thank you pages: classic place that must be utilized. It could be customer has just bought one of your product and here's a golden opportunity to upsell a higher version of the product for little extra cost or simply cross sell other products.

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