Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Power of Social Networking Websites

Social networking websites are the new rage today. There is no one untouched or not currently using any of the Social networking websites- Facebook, Orkut, Tweeter, etc. Some are used for personal while some websites like LinkedIn are used specifically for professional purposes.

How can you derive some mileage (read: website visitors) from these social networking websites?

There are so many social networking websites active today, each catering to varying interest. Now I don't say it's possible for anyone to register on each website, but may be you could start with a few.

How to use them?

Create an account with any of the social networking website. In the account profile, describe your product or service with a link to product website. You can use these channels to reach your customers.

For e.g. you can use Twitter account to broadcast short chunks of updates of your products. It's like having your own mini newsletter. Here's a course that specifically describes money making techniques with Twitter alone. 

I will probably expand more on major social sites in a their own separate post. For now, you can enjoy free videos from on how to make money from Twitter. It offers you 8 videos for mere 16bucks. But if you follow this link and close the browser without signing in, you will be offered first 6 videos absolutely FREE.

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