Saturday, October 31, 2009

Learn the Power of Analytics - 1

Any business owner would understand or should know the importance of feedback. Businesses even pay some websites a small fortune to conduct case studies, get feedback from customers, shop anonymously and gather experience, etc

Why is feedback so important for any business?

A simple answer could be because it reveals what customer thinks about your products or image of your company in your customers mind.  More than that the feedback loop can discover some interesting facts of your business- particularly what's working and what's not.

Some of feedbacks are manual given by direct customers while others are something that your webservers collect in form of page visits, site referral, etc.

Ideally people don't have time and it's often difficult to get feedback from them. How to have them take time out their busy schedule is often a challenge and perhaps you can employ some tactic to get their feedback, like
- Promise a free report for their feedback
- Let them know how many questions or how much time it would take to complete feedback
- Outsource work to survey sites

This specially is very helpful and achievable when you have some customers using product. What best way to hear first hand from customers on what needs to be improved on product. Except of some industries like technology, almost everywhere your customers know what they want.

The other form of intelligence gathering is what your website server logs. You see, your webserver maintains a log of who all has visited your it's potentially gold mine for finding which demographics of your site visitor- whether they belong to particular age groups, socio-economic background or may come from specific country.

But there is a problem. The server log file is just too much of data in a format that's just not very intelligible to humans. It will consume a lot of your time to just try to make any sense out of it.

This is where you will need Web Analytics...special programs that may either use Server logs files or ask you to install special scripts on server and they then track every visitor movement to your website.

In next article of this series "Learn the Power of Analytics",  I will discuss various free and paid softwares available in market for web analytics. And I will show a video on how to use them as well.

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