Sunday, October 11, 2009

Add Your Business to Google Maps

Google Maps has now become mainstreams way of locating places of interest on the web. And they are very accurate too.

If you own a business, having a spot on Google Maps locating your business can often mean more prospects to your business. Often, people often search Maps for local business, e.g. Restaurants to find restaurants near their places. Common car GPS navigation systems also tend to use Maps and have a feature to find local businesses.

I would defnitely recommend you to list your business on the Google Maps. Just think for now, your 5 minutes now can perhaps give you lifetime worth's customer.

Just an example, I own a domain hosting company - that provides all types of domain hosting needs. If some user would had to search for 'Internet Domains' in my city, my business is listed second. Isn't it powerful way to even capture your in-city prospects and letting them know you are at service!

Adding your business info is a 5 minutes job that is followed by a phone, letter verification by Google Maps that ensure you are a genuine business. Click Google Maps

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